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Monday, August 1, 2011

Places that time forgets...

Nothing like a trip out of the city to be reminded of a simpler life where bales of hay and fields of corn make up the landscape.

I called this collage "Farm Route". It evokes memories of times and places where communities got together and provided for each other if there was a need.

As we drove away from the Howe Island Ferry east of Kingston yesterday, I was struck by how dialed down the pace of life is when one is dependant on ferry service to get on and off the island. The logistics of the full day's activities need to be considered before you jump in the car to run an errand. The fresh lake breezes and smells of summer more than make up for the lack of spontaneity as I see it. Those are the kind of deep relaxing breaths of fresh air I need more of.


  1. My car is not sounding so good at the moment. The idea of it breaking down is okay with me. Staying home for a month or so would be Fab. what I could get done!!!
    xxox, Jill

  2. The thought is very appealing; being stranded somewhere quiet or the "slowing down" part. However, after just spending 10 days in the country with no internet, I will admit that I am only happy with the serenity for short periods of time....xoxo


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