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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Triple Threat

 OK, so I'm not some Jack-o groupie glomming  autographs at the stage door after a show, but after yesterday's performance at The Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, I can attest that Hugh Jackman has proven his chops as a triple threat! It's not that I've ever seen him as Wolverine, but what's not to appreciate in the hulked up hunka hunka crooning, dancing, story-telling funny man?? Our faces hurt after the first of two straight hours of smiling, laughing and appreciating his story of a career full of surprise turns, some regrettable turn-downs - on his part, and a variety of opportunities including a hosting gig of the Academy Awards, and numerous broadway and stage jobs when Hollywood wasn't signing him for a blockbuster or romantic comedy. Holy run-on sentence! The guy has it all!
As for these lame photos? Stepped into the laneway while visiting an old friend at Legends of the Game, and there he was.... made my day!


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