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Sunday, July 3, 2011


I've said it before, but today's rambling thoughts bring me back to it again... an attitude of gratitude does more to create a shift in  mindset - a shift that can invoke joy and positivity - if only as fleeting as the thought that produced the response in the first place, it is still a moment of bliss. It's the same bliss I get from stamping a meaningful word on a tea-stained tag. Thoughts and words are powerful forces. We must force ourselves to think before we use our words unkindly. Sadly, there is no delete button for our big traps!
You, my blogging buddies, have warmed my heart with your kind words. I am truly grateful for every time you have taken the time to share your wisdom and your comments.

Muchas Gracias amigas and amigos. Te amo.


Thanks so much taking time to stop by. Your comments are always appreciated. Namaste.