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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Buddha and the Rose

To have said "The Buddha and the Begonia" would have just sounded wrong, but I'm still struggling with the special words of wisdom I plan to impart regardless of the title. What would Deepak say?
We will simply remind ourselves of the loving kindness meditation:
"May you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be free from suffering."
Namaste lovelies.


  1. hey jc, i just realized that you don't get my replies to your comments (when i'm writing from g-mail, your return address shows as, 'noreply-comment@blogger.com'), so i wanted to come over here and say hello and thank you. and namaste...

    what a sweet, sweet energy your blog has...



  2. I love the phrase "Buddha and Begonia". And I love that beautiful deer looking at me from the side!! xoxoxo

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