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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zen Ride

Sundays are sacred days for many, but I just like Sundays - and most days for that matter, to be opportunities to feel grounded in thoughts, actions, interactions, work and practices that fulfill. Each of us has the wisdom to make the best choices for ourselves at any given moment. Our best guide is our own intuition.... the little voice inside...the nice one that is, not the critic. Listen only to that which will keep you in alignment with who you are, or aspire to be.
The lotus image in this collage is said to embody infinite potential. It symbolizes renewal and transformation. I'm drawn to imagery, numbers, colour, gemstones and particular shapes that are said to have significance beyond their visual appeal.  The grounding practice in all of this comes when I research and discover the meaning of my connection. As the lotus is to Buddhism, the Hamsa is to the Jewish faith. Another sacred symbol, the hamsa offers protection from negative energies, and symbolizes the gesture of receiving blessings from the universe. Seeing is believing.... I never tire of reminding myself that I am surrounded by healing forces. What I see, read and think can make all the difference in the day.  Namaste.


  1. Beautifully written and so very, very true. Our words and thoughts create our reality. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. Whenever I feel like I am straying from my inner voice I head to my desk and look up at all the little toys I have received from friends over the years. They were all given with love and kindness, and they exude what is real to me. This brings me back to my intuitive side and helps me to think cleary. In light of my week, this post speaks volumes to me!! xoxo


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