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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yesterday we stepped into a wonderful world of make
believe at Lola's place. My daughter Danielle and I struggled to get in the tiny door, but once inside, it was clear that the creative mind of a six year old had already established a setting where imagination and infinite possibility rule. Add a little love and friendship, and you have the perfect retreat for kids of all ages. The good news is that an adult can actually stand up inside one of these delightful crooked houses.
This abode was completely installed and landscaped before Lola got home from school on the day of her birthday.
I'm thinking the adult version of this place would make the perfect alternative to  the dreaded surprise
party when the next significant birthday rolls around. An intimate dinner for two in your own cozy back yard shack.... perhaps a water feature thrown in for atmosphere..... the mind boggles. Give your imagination a little workout today!


  1. That must be every little girl's dream come true! I know I would have loved it when I was a child, and probably would have never left it!!

  2. I want to visit Lola's place next time I come to your house!!! xo


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