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Friday, June 17, 2011

We're Kitten Sittin'

Meet Miss Ming - aka-
Ralphy the girl cat.
She just thinks she's a kitten when later on in the day she gets her freak on and tries to dive bomb Rocky - our 12 year old yorkie. He too comes alive and is ready to teach her who's boss in our house. In sharp contrast to the coma they are both in for most of the day, these hairy moments result and resolve quickly.... The cat
becomes airborne and makes it to the top of the stairs without having touched down at any point on her way, and the dog waddles away in utter disgust that she exists at all. Once the dust settles, they will pass each other on the stairs with 'narry a hairy.'

As for the pear painting behind her majesty, it's one of the first collages I ever framed. It's a tribute to 'mon pere', so with Father's Day as the focus of this weekend, I salute all fathers..... both here, and hereafter.  Namaste


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