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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer in the City

 This week's surprise discovery took place on our way to an event sponsored by RBC Private Banking.  We happily accepted an invitation to have lunch and an informal chat afterwards with Malcolm Gladwell, author of "Tipping Point", "Blink", "Outliers" and recently in paperback, "What The Dog Saw". As a frequent contributor to The New Yorker, Gladwell's
casual manner belies his surprising insights and theories on human behaviour and big picture patterns.
In a more intimate environment, we witnessed his counterintuitive  and sometimes contrarian thinking with a healthy dose of unsentimental humour. He excels at connecting the dots the rest of us don't even see.
But back to what was formerly known as the BCE Place, and the unexpected dreamy installation by Toronto architect, Philip Beasley. He is described as a worldwide pioneer in the fast growing field of responsive architecture. This might explain the part where light fixtures were set up to respond to the the sounds and motions of onlookers. I missed that part, but try not to miss this spectacular feature of just one of those big financial district buildings in downtown Toronto.


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