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Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Trails

I actually know the riders in this collage, so I have lived vicariously through them as I painted in their background. They are my heros and friends - both in real life and in this piece. Even though I started to warm up to horses and riding when we owned a couple of them for Danielle's riding days in Colorado, I never hit my stride in the comfort zone where horses are concerned. I'm just going to stick with putting them in paintings and collages. Happy Trails.


  1. My memories of horse riding are not good as I got caught in an electrical wire and did a back flip around a pole, tearing my hands to shreds!!! Since then I love to watch them and just rub their noses ~ they have noses like velvet ~ very intriguing anitmals, and strong!! xoxo

  2. well done, it all works together so well. composition is perfect. I'm with you on the horses. Eva is a horse nut. lucky for me my sister and in-laws have horses. I'll stick with paints and glue.
    xxox, jill


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