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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Voice of an Angel is the full title of this recent piece.  The image is part of my collection of found vintage photographs, and as with most of these random shots, the backstory remains unknown. This is where our imagination comes in.... It's pretty clear that the little boy in this row boat is calling out to someone. There even appears to be some urgency in his manner. There's something about adopting the storyline and subject of these photos that appeals to my sense of underlying life message.... to be open just for the moment to the possibility that we need reminders about such things. In this case,  and forgive me for sounding all philosophical but it's important to have a voice... to be heard..... to be listened to without judgement. To dismiss the voice of those we love and care about is simply not an option. To listen is to love.


  1. well said. we all want to be heard. and how simple it is to listen. yet as we rush around rapped up in our own "stuff" and not give that moment or two needed to listen and share.
    thanks for the words.
    love the row boat!
    xxox, jill

  2. This is interesting because I always had something to say but, felt that I never had the voice to say what I really wanted to say. I never thought that anyone would listen....I have now found that voice, but don't have the need to be heard as much. I prefer listening. xoxo


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