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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Remembering Oprah

Like millions of other viewers, I watched today as Oprah said goodbye after 25 years of hosting her daytime show. She called it a 'love letter' to all of her fans, but it was simply a conversation. She let them know there would be no prizes today... no cars...no trips.... just her open heart.

Yup. I got caught up in the significance of what she had accomplished over all those years. While not a full-on groupie, you'd have to have been in a coma not to be aware of the many causes she has championed and millions she has facilitated in achieving their dreams or addressing their demons. Many credit her in fact, with making them a better person. Oprah managed to weave the last 25 years together with the common thread of reminding everyone of their self worth. In her words, " You're worthy because you were born." Using her own story with it's humble beginnings and often humiliating turns, she repeated that "You alone are enough!" "No one completes you." (So much for that great line from the movie 'Ghost').

Oprah shared freely her relationship with The Big Guy... H I M... higher power...all knowing source.... the same God everyone thought she meant. She has felt his presence since she can remember. Her advice...... " Be still and listen. Be still and know that voice."

I can officially say I joined the ranks of the 'Blue Oprah Cult' today. Thank you Scott Stinson of The National Post for reminding me of this new affliction. If you are among those of us feeling the loss of our good friend and mother, Oprah, she invites all of us to connect using her new e-mail address.
oprah@oprah.com.   Cheers friends.


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