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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Stars

I haven't read a horoscope in ages, but Easter Monday's advice from Jonathan Cainer's 'Your Stars' in the Toronto Daily Star caught my attention. I'll share some of his guidance in 'out of context' excerpts without making references to any particular sign.

"This week you should begin to feel as if you are waking from a long deep sleep...... Just be glad that now you can see the light." "Anger blocks love. Resentment blocks wisdom. Fear blocks hope. So if we want our lives to be full of love, wisdom and hope we need to take away the blocks.... when people are caught up in a negative response, they lose track of the obvious. All they can see are the reasons their feelings must be justified..... all it takes is a little forgiveness. Reach for love and wisdom now."

As for this old oil painting I found in the lost portfolio, it was inspired by the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. When you live at 8,ooo feet, you have incredible night skies that are absolutely filled with stars. It's entirely possible to walk up the mountain by moonlight.  Check out the stars sometime... it elevates the spirits.   Namaste.


  1. Intersting...I went to the link and it seems ole retrograde Mercury is now going forward ;)

    I like the painting! xox

  2. Those words are what I am living by as you know....Forgiveness in all its complicated, unashamed, love-filled mess....thanks for the reminder that Love is Everything and The Only Thing.xo

  3. I love the daily horoscope!! I read mine, my children's, my husband's and my friend's, even yours!!! I find comfort in the words of wisdom as they apply to all of us; I think a little and learn a little bit from each one. xo


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