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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Silence is Golden

tomorrow is 
Good Friday.
And no, I'm not
suggesting a moment of silence
to honour this meaningful and highly
significant and spiritual holiday. Rather, 
a moment of silence at any time and for no reason,
 though grounding your quiet moments in your faith can 
 be especially healing during special celebrations that come around
each year. I honour your choice, whatever that might be. I extend my
warmest wishes for abundance and blessings to you and yours. May the spirit
of your family's gathering last throughout the four seasons, and may winter's
encore depart and rekindle our faith in the promise of spring and all things new and green.


  1. All your found art is good stuff. Taking this holiday weekend to get my ducks in a row as they say. Making no art, computer still running slow (does not like blogger) and not feeling well. My friend who does therapeutic bodywork told me after our third session that my issues were emotional. whats bugging me? My house and yard need TLC after a long winter. So spring cleaning has begun. I have five days off work. so as compassion for myself I'll spend the time remaking my little home. Expecting an unscrambled brain next week!
    And Spring WILL arrive soon!(that will hepl)
    xxx, Jill

  2. What a special post and the perfect one for Good Friday. I find the older I get, the more I appreciate silence, so I'm going to take your advice here.

  3. Perfect reflection for me as I decide to take the next few days enjoying the weather and free time that has been given to me. Like Jill, I have much work to do around the house, but am opting to push it aside and seek peace and quiet.....just getting ready for an easy walk, fresh air and some fun with my new found pleasure of photography. Thank you for reiterating the value of silence at any time!!! Happy Easter; hope your bunny brings many eggs! xoxo

  4. I've been resting my arm, which has been painful because I over-use it....

    Go to mixpod.com and make new playlists ;)


  5. As always, I love the blog and your wisdom. JANICE


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