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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Om is said to be the sacred sound of the universe which when chanted softly creates a profound and positive vibrational effect on the system which promotes healing and inner peace.
I know I have posted this before, but my interest in Sanskrit translations was reignited recently, so for this week , and until I get my art supplies back and unpacked, let's explore a few more commonly used words and practices with roots in ancient Hindu/Buddhist philosophy.
The earliest record of yoga
dates back to an early civilization in Pakistan - 3300-1700 BCE. More detailed descriptions of the practice known as Hatha Yoga came from 15th Century India and were taught by Yogi Swatmarama.  As we know it today, this practice  focussed on the physical purification of body as leading to mind purification. Prana is mentioned as 'vital energy', and breathing practices became a vital part of the many yoga off-shoots that are often referenced today.

Namaste Lovelies
( I salute the divine spirit in you.)

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