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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


"Wisdom begins in wonder"    Soctrates

From the exotic to the most mundane and everyday journey, may you reserve space in your heart for a sense of wonder and hope..... as with those sacred moments at dawn when you witness the sun rising from the east, which, if I were part of some native american morning ritual, would represent the source of all wisdom.

Namaste lovelies.


  1. Seeing the wonder and really living it becomes easier as we acknowledge issues, bring them to the surface and then let them go. That last step is the one that I often get stuck in, but am getting more courageous every day. It is all about the wisdom, and then what we do with it, isn't it? Nice post j.c.~ made me reflect even more!!

  2. Namaste JC!!! We love and miss you!!! Thanks for the super cute comment today!!! Lots of love right back!
    xoThe Beckerman Girlios and puppies

  3. Namaste too!!!! I see you are using the paper buttons I sent!!!! Yay! can't wait to see you soon!!


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