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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dignity and the Dove

I couldn't take my eyes off the sight and sound of these two love birds as I watched the last few streaks of sunset down at Naples Pier. The activity on the beach paled in comparison to the peace and comfort offered by these two perfect creatures.

Doves are plentiful both on our property here in Bonita Bay and in front of our city home in Toronto. Not a sighting goes by for me, that I don't stop in my tracks, take a deep breath and soak in the moment...... present
moment appreciation creates a momentary shift in brain activity and but for a flash, brings a sense of knowing ...... that All Is Well.


  1. Beautiful!! I saw a flock of birds lined up in a row on my eaves trough yesterday when I returned from a walk. I rushed in to get my camera to take a pic, but they were gone when i returned. There was a moment of appreciation, but I kind of sped it up by wanting to take a picture!! xoxo

  2. waiting for the spring birds but the weather man says snow and wind tonight. maybe I need to become a snowbird and fly south!
    thanks for the hope and slice of loving peace.
    xxx, jill

  3. During winter I see birds in the city and it seems like such a hard life, but maybe to them it's not so bad?

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