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Monday, February 7, 2011

Love and Other Guides

Love and other four letter words are so much a part of our daily vernacular that their effect on us is either diluted or completely lost in the shuffle of our over scheduled day. February 14th is one week away, and if for no other reason than you wish to celebrate this day as an anniversary of the heart, consider the last time you obeyed your heart. Some call it instinct or 'gut', and as a guide, it has even manifested a voice with a distinct message for those who have been open to guidance at a particular crossroad in  life. If the choice to honour this voice isn't clear at the time, then be patient and resist the temptation to dismiss or deny that answers to some of life's bigger questions appear in this manner. You need only to be open to the possibility that this can happen. HOPE is a the four letter word for another day....

PS.  This little 'love' installation appeared at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, Canada.

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  1. The radio station I listen to had a challenge in Jan., pick a word to define you or live up to in 2011. My Christmas cards, that I made, said Tis the Season of Love, Pass it on! I think love is my word. I've hit a point in my life were the kids don't need quite so much of my time and I can breath. In this space I can appreciate others and "see" truely see value in things/people that I was missing before. I will admit there was a lot of self pitty about not getting "me" time, always doing for others.
    Being a mom is a hard job sometimes.
    I'm liking getting older, well mentally.
    have a good day,
    xxx, jill


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