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Friday, February 4, 2011

Five Crows for Friday

Alas my guest room is now empty, but for the few who remember it's previous asian influenced decor, these photos are the big 'reveal'. I undertook to do a little makeover to honour the creative spirit in all of us. This required more of a blank canvas, so instead of painting all the walls, I just went to Target and got Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic linens in white. Together with a few beachy pieces of white furniture and some West Elm white gauzy window panels,  our little guest room will be a gallery for creative collages and special one of a kind pieces that are purchased or produced by friends and family. There are already three special assemblages by Holly Hornbrick - a wonderful kindred spirit from the Carolinas. I would offer a link, but she's too busy telling her life story in the form of whimsical and often humorous creations that come in wonderful memory boxes. She has imparted specific details about each of the five pieces I now own. She is tireless in her efforts to keep all these memories alive and in sharing each story she creates a wonderful relationship with everyone she meets.  Namaste.


  1. so glad you're back!!! Love the memory boxes ~ what a great way to display the "things" that we usually store hidden in a box. xo

  2. I LOVED sleeping in that wonderful bed surrounded by Holly's pieces. Especially the Bird Cage with the dress form and dangling cages. (Sorry to have left you so much laundry, sheets, towels etc.)

  3. Zendoll,

    Your art fascinates me! I find myself getting lost in some of your pieces and others just make me smile.



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