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Saturday, January 8, 2011

May peace be with Toby

Toby's time had come, and so with dignity and peace of mind, his parents, and my dear friends made that courageous choice. If you have been there, you just know when your beloved pet is ready. The legacy that remains is the pureness of spirit and joy that your pet has brought you as a member of your family. Loss  is part of the win that pet lovers understand only too well. This is one time when the cliche applies perfectly:  It IS better to have loved and lost..... and I embrace every day of unconditional love heaped on me with ridiculous enthusiasm by my Rock .... and my Rick for that matter.   Namaste. 


  1. Wow, there are alot of paralels in these blogs the last couple of days. I remember making this decision with my Sparky Boy; we still have fond memories and chats about him. Olivia was only 6 when he passed and she still has his ashes in her room. Our condolences to Toby's family whose house will have a quiet void for a while which will then be replaced by the re-telling of "Toby" stories. xo

  2. p.s. glad you're back at your blogging station!!!

  3. Yes, it is better to have loved and lost -- but oh, that sweet, sweet face. I think Toby is contentedly scampering around on the other side ... xoxox


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