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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Come walk with me......

This is  the boardwalk style path leading from Estero Park through the mangrove to the open waterway, and what was once the Old Naples Port. This spit of land near the gulf side of our property was once occupied by the Calusa Indians, and before some of the first roads were completed, it was a thriving port from which products would be transported by horse drawn carriage to both Naples and Fort Meyers.

There are miles of bike paths and trails throughout Bonita Bay. Complete with three separate golf courses, much of the marsh and mangrove has been preserved so that what was once a sanctuary on farm land can continue to be home to exotic wild life and birds.

There are dozens of lakes throughout giving each neighbourhood unique water features that highlight the setting sun each evening.

It must be known that while I'm eternally grateful for this beautiful serene setting, the hearty Canadian girl of yesteryear can shovel snow with the best. If what I hear of today's weather up north is true, then there's part of me missing the joy of a dramatic snow storm, and the pristine blanket of white stuff that incites and invites the child in all of us to just go outside and simply play.    

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  1. Ahhhh, I do agree that the falling of snow is enticing, but after 15 minutes frolicking in the cold stuff, I am hungering for the beauty that you display above!!!! xoxo


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