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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Angel Amulets

Many believe that angels are messengers, guides, and teachers simply waiting in the wings (pun intended) for our openness and willingness to communicate. According to folklore, amulets are objects that bring protection and good luck. I have always been drawn to items like coins, crosses, gemstones,
evil eyes, hamsas, and any talisman from any religion or tradition that claims to be a part of rituals eliciting positive outcomes and protection from evil. The idea however that guidance and wisdom might exist from the angelic realm is both comforting and inspiring.

My inspiration for this series of hanging amulets comes primarily from the generous gift of my dear friend Lee, whose mother could really use the comfort and peace of all of our guardian angels right now. Lee sourced these babies from a collection dating back to the 1920's. I hope I am honouring their legacy by sharing them with you in this form, and if I can ever get my act together, posting them in my Etsy shop which is sadly void of merchandise these days. I am grateful to Lee for seeing me as a worthy recipient of so many treasures over the many years of our friendship - most of which share this theme of angel guidance. Let's take a little journey together and explore this realm as I reveal the other amulets in subsequent posts.  Namaste.


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