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Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank you Chair

It's just after 5 AM, Thanksgiving Monday, 2010. While I would prefer to be nestled in my bed at this hour, especially after the marathon it is to host the Turkey Day feast, it turns out there was a lawn mower in my bed, and a yorkie with a bladder problem.... so here I am in my thank you chair. It appears there might be a sleep buzz coming on, so I'll cut this short and give thanks to Catherine Moore's Character Construction line of rubber stamps. More on the joys of rubber stamping later....

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  1. During my clean-a-thon today, I found a box full of stamps that I would love to share with you!! Olivia and I used to spend hours stamping together so it brought back fond memories. I will lend them to you next time we meet. xoxo


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