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Monday, October 25, 2010

Memory Pouch #2

As much as I love making mini collages and small charm based jewelry, there are times when forcing myself  out of the comfort zone and into bigger works of art and jewelry would seem a good exercise....or at the very least, a test of character. Alas, I'm either very lazy, undisciplined or just a child at heart because with me and in many areas of my life, Less is More!   xoxo


  1. You are not lazy or undisciplined -- you're just being true to yourself.


  2. looking over your last few post i distilled out "love". Kindness is love. Sharing goodies from the farmers market with your loved ones is love. Between you and Corine at dosfishes blog I have my x-mas card theme. Hearts from Corine's work and love from yours. Tis the season of LOVE. Pass it on!


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