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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bird Majesty

Once upon a time, I studied the art of lithography and etching, and sure enough some 30 years later, my humble efforts were still kicking around. While colouring in the background and placing a sticker over the offending subject matter isn't much of a save, it would appear that I've become hugely successful at the art of 'saving'. Unlike hoarding, all items are neatly organized behind closed doors, and when they'll come out of the closet, nobody knows for sure. Thanks to Artchix for the cool sticker!

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  1. we also went through the cat, girl or boy?? Eva got a cat we thought was a girl. Later Tree
    ( Eva was 4 when she named the cat) became Mr. Tree. I think you saved the picture just fine. very nice. I'll admit that a lot of my art is a happy accident!


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