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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Portal For your Thoughts

If you can accept the concept that thoughts carry a vibratory energy,
then the power of a group meditation would exponentially multiply the energetic response if alas, more than a few faithful buddies could discover my blog and read this simultaneously.

Perhaps the reason you are still reading this particular post is to be a part of  a promise I made to a dear friend who could really use the support of her fellow human beings to help manifest a resolution. I labelled her cause a "Revelation for River." 

Thank you for indulging me this call to action and may all things go smoothly in honour of River.    Namaste.

This photo was taken near the continental divide in Colorado on the site of one of the bigger ghost towns in the area.

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  1. Nice, a little bit of calming curiosity is piqued.


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