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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bird in Thought

Are you an over-thinker? Perhaps you haven't thought about it much, but for those of us who get lost or over-wrought with thought.....it's NOT that it's a bad thing....it's just that when your mini thoughts are giving birth to baby thoughts - all the live long day.....you just may be exhausting yourself unnecessarily.
Just know there's an antidote. It's called having NO thoughts. Ironically it can seem harder than having too many. Also known as meditation, it's simply a skill, which when practiced can become as patterned as the habit of overthinking. Just a thought...


  1. My 5 minutes (and it felt like 5 minutes) turned out to be exactly 15. It felt good; I will be continuing meditation every day.

    You are a fabulous role model.


  2. I am definitely an over thinker (over worrier). I have been working on meditation for years.....maybe I work to hard at it....I need to think about that!!


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