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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


With child-like wonder  and a whole lot of mental gymnastics, I delight in assembling just the right random collection of mini collages (original), found writings and quotations, usable tags and other
bits to help you celebrate special occasions. Would that it were that easy to open up a surprise package
and find instantaneous healing, I might be on to something. Alas, I fear it's not much more than Cute
to those who, like me  delight in an obsession with the visual appeal of paper treats.  Namaste.


  1. This is such a wonderful idea. Perfect for those times you feel creatively stuck. Just reading your list made me want to make something!

  2. Would like to order one of these to give myself for my upcoming b-day ~ "happy birthday to me". I can pick it up when I come for the weekend. xoxo

  3. As a lucky recipient of one of your kits, I can say that I loved it and used every item in it! xoxo

  4. I bought one of these from Danielle (journey) do you both make them?


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