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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Antique Crawl

Sundays are synonymous  with the idea of an outing. The kind of outing you might not take time for
during the week. This lovely collection came all the way from Leadville Colorado, a town that time forgot but the closest one to the great continental divide in the Rocky Mountains. The beautiful trip over Independence Pass has become an annual trek as has a visit to the Antique Mall.


  1. Filled my Sunday morning reading a new book, "The Complete Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. Reiterating that creating can actually be a part of my daily life with no guilty attachments involvled ~ a difficult pattern to leave behind. I am feeling inspired and more purposeful than when making lists of all of the useless tasks I am usually absorbed in and feel controlled by. Wanting to move forward into the person that has been hidden away for so long. Thanks for the inspiration of this blog as it directs me towards yet another period of the evolution of my life. diana


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