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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Dreaded "F" Word

It used to be that during my daily meditation practice a single word would rise above the mental chatter.
I would call it my 'word of the day'.
Today's word surfaced when trying to put myself back to sleep for the upteenth time at about 4 am.
Through a sea of flashing thoughts down drops the F bomb onto the front page of my mind's eye.
FORGIVENESS. I would have preferred that fuzzy pre sleep state, but that too shortly followed the arrival of my 'quote of the day'.

"When we choose happiness, we also choose forgiveness."                Namaste.


  1. You have just given me the perfect solution for my horrid habit of using the "F" word!! From now on, I will substitute it with the word "forgiveness" ~ squash a bad habit and make roomm for something that is needed in my heart. diana

  2. Just finishing the day and almost grabbed the hamper of clothes that need folding, but did not!! Looking forward to sitting back in my "comfy" clothes and putting some pen to paper. The house is quiet; the dog is waiting to see what my next move will be....I reflect on my restlessness, and wonder "where does it come from" and "does that really matter?" It is the need to accomplish that controls; it is what I chose to accomplish that matters. diana


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