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Friday, May 21, 2010



Mia Culpa! My first blogging boo-boo. Forgive me Collette! I erred when providing a link to my friend and mentor Colette Copeland. In my haste, I skipped over that part called 'test this link.' OOps!

At this stage, I would say I'm pretty invisible in the blogosphere, though at this point I would like to disappear. Do visit Colette's blog though. It's like picking up your favourite book and being inspired each and every time. Plus, you get to view her pretty pictures and beautiful creations.


  1. It's that pesky "a" as in "a bird in the hand." Anybody could have made that mistake. Here's a tip you will love: You can use any word, i.e., blog, or Colette, highlight that word, then click on link and enter the address of the link. That way you don't have to type the full address in your post.



  2. I saw traffic coming to my site from yours and came to check you out ;-) Welcome to the blogosphere - from the "other" Bird In The Hand.

  3. Your blog is an inspiration. Thank you!


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